Avery Dennison FreshMarx 9417+ food labelling solution

Avery Dennison FreshMarx 9417+ food labelling solution
on February 19, 2018 in New Products

The FreshMarx® 9417+ is a flexible food labelling solution designed to produce legible detailed food labels that comply with food safety standards. Pre-loaded data simplifies food labelling and eliminates mistakes in calculating food expiration dates.


  • Accurate shelf-life, nutrition, and ingredient labels.
  • Automated, secure menu updates.
  • Video and document viewing.
  • Factory installed WiFi option.
  • Barcodes for Point-of-Sale or inventory scanning.
  • Open architecture supports custom applications.
  • Timers to track food prep.

Multipurpose Solution:

  • Improve labeling accuracy with prestored data for shelf life, nutrition, ingredient and grab-and-go labels.
  • Reduce time spent performing manual shelf life calculations.
  • Achieve labelling consistency with kitchen processes across multiple locations.
  • Alarm feature alerts operators to scheduled tasks.
  • Activity log enables tracking of printer use history.
  • Eliminate health code violations and reduce spoilage caused by illegible handwriting.
  • Print barcode labels for point-of-sale and inventory scanning.
  • Print custom labels with logos, images and QR codes to better market your brand.
  • Open architecture allows for custom application development.
  • Audible timers assist with cooking times for multiple menu items.
  • Simplify food prep with full shift, prep label batch printing.
  • Send print jobs to the 9417+ from external kitchen applications.


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