New Avery Dennison Food Safety Solutions

New Avery Dennison Food Safety Solutions
on June 28, 2018 in New Products

The Avery Dennison Freshmarx suite of solutions include food labelling, food safety and compliance and RFID inventory management to help ensure food safety, increase efficiencies, save money, reduce waste and enhance the consumer experience. With restaurants, grocery and convenience stores at the core, Freshmarx solutions are purpose-built to solve challenges throughout the food supply chain.

Combining hardware, software, applications, labels and service, Freshmarx solutions are scalable to facilitate everything from nutrition, ingredient, date code and grab-and-go-labelling, to food safety and compliance, to RFID inventory management and traceability.

Avery Dennison® FreshMarx® 9417+® System

The Freshmarx 9417+ combines dual printers with a touchscreen interface and intuitive Freshmarx® Prep software to provide an all-in-one compact, robust solution for food service environments. The 9417+ System is an automated solution facilitating a wide range of kitchen tasks including food labelling, employee training, food donate and waste and nutritional calculations to improve food-safety and kitchen efficiencies. Click here for further information. 





Avery Dennison® FreshMarx® Tablet System
The Freshmarx Tablet System combines the Avery Dennison® 9485 portable printer with an intuitive Freshmarx® Prep software application running on an iPad®. As a flexible and portable solution throughout the kitchen environment, Freshmarx Tablet facilitates a wide range of tasks including food labelling, employee training, food donate and waste and nutritional calculation to improve food safety and kitchen efficiencies.






Avery Dennison® FreshMarx® Prep
Freshmarx Prep is a powerful, intuitive food service software application designed for food labelling, employee training, food donate and waste and nutritional calculations. Informed by Freshmarx® Edit, ingredients, menus and recipes are all brand-customised and configurable so updates are centralised and easily and securely pushed across restaurant locations.






Avery Dennison® RFID
Avery Dennison RFID intelligent supply chain solutions enable enhanced outbound and inbound inventory visibility ensuring the most efficient distribution and omni-channel fulfilment process, reducing labour costs and driving velocity to better meet consumer demand. Our RFID solutions have been proven to increase inventory accuracy to 99%+ and reduce waste by around 20% across the food industry, improving safety due to increased visibility of use-by dates. As a global leader in Radio Frequency Identification, Avery Dennison has more than 800 patents and applications to help with supply chain management, loss prevention and tracking.






Avery Dennison® Freshmarx® Temp Tracker
Freshmarx Temp Tracker is a cloud-based application to automate cold-storage temperature and humidity monitoring. With readings taken and recorded automatically via Freshmarx Sensors inside the devices, temperature data is transmitted between the Sensors and the cloud and data is accessible from Apple, Android and Windows smart devices and Windows PC’s. Text and email alerts are pushed when temperatures are out of range, enabling automatic and on-demand reporting for quick response.






Avery Dennison® Freshmarx® Nutrition

Supported by ESHA Genesis R&D® Food Formulation Software,* the Freshmarx nutrition application calculates and imports nutritional information for ingredients and recipes to the Freshmarx 9417+ or Freshmarx Tablet Systems, enabling easy labeling for grab-and-go and prepared foods. With Freshmarx Nutrition slow, error-prone, manual entry of nutritional data is automated for quick and easy recipe updates, accurate nutrition calculations and improved food safety and compliance.

*Genesis R&D® Food Formulation Software enables users to easily create government-compliant nutrition facts, virtually formulate foods, analyse the nutritional content of your recipes, and adjust ingredients over and over. With ESHA’s robust nutrition database at its core, Genesis R&D is a powerful tool to create regulatory compliant nutrition facts, manage all of your recipes and formulations in one place, make recipe modifications as needed, and easily analyse the nutritional content of your recipes.


Avery Dennison® Freshmarx® Handheld Labellers

Freshmarx Handheld Labellers provide a fast, semi-automated solution for clear and efficient date coding, nutrition and price labelling, enabling greater food safety compliance and more efficient price marking






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