John Lewis increase sales.

John Lewis increase sales.
on July 21, 2014 in News




John Lewis grew its sales by 20.1% year-on-year last week as the department store’s clearance sale continued to boost trade.
While sales of ‘Reduced to Clear’ and ‘Special Buy’ items were up 9% and 4% respectively, customers also began buying from the new season lines as they came into stock.
Sales in the shops grew by 16% with the percentage increases led by the new format stores in Chichester, Ipswich, Exeter and Tunbridge Wells. Online sales increased by 31.5% as the retailer enjoyed a strong week of traffic.
Electricals and home technology sales climbed by 18.6% with the large electrical category achieving its third biggest sterling week of the half.
Home sales rose by 23.1% driven by prominent ‘Special Buy’ assortments particularly within textiles and carpets. With the summer wedding season in full swing, gift list sales returned a 12% increase on last year.
Within fashion, sales grew by 18% year-on-year boosted by good performances in own-brand and women’s accessories.
David Barford, director of selling for group L & S at John Lewis, said: “This coming week provides us with the opportunity to focus on coming out of Clearance strongly. With the summer holidays now looming customers will be, more than ever, looking for newness in our shops and online.

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