Wristbands improving patient safety

Wristbands improving patient safety
on July 22, 2014 in News



Zebra wristbands provide a convenient, efficient and safe means of identifying people, whether they be patients in hospital or visitors at a leisure venue.
With clear, complete and accurate visual information that includes a bar code printed on the band, patient treatments, access checks and billing activities can all be carried out with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of security.
For the ultimate in flexible tracking, Zebra Smart Wristbands™, which incorporate radio frequency identification (RFID), offer read-write facility and can even be read through clothing and bed sheets.
Within Zebra’s wristband family, there are adult, child and neonatal sizes, colour options, self-adhesive and clip-fastening closures, and the choice of thermal-transfer or direct-thermal printing methods.
“Thanks to their ease of use, Zebra wristbands have been readily accepted by both patients and staff…they’re now able to improve patient safety even more.” Dr. Francesco Venneri Head of Operative Emergency Surgery Wards and Clinical Risk Manager,Florence National Health Centre, Italy.


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